Wolfe Civil / Brighton Estate Butler


Mainswest has been involved with numerous stages in Brighton Estate since the very first project commenced back in 2000. With the experience that Mainswest has developed in sub- divisional work over the years, we have been able to provide a continuous service in the installation, termination, jointing and testing of all underground low voltage and high voltage cables, Mini and Uni Pillars, Streetlights, Transformers and Switchgears throughout the Brighton Estate.

Key Features

  • Installation of all Low Voltage XLPE Cables
  • Installation of all High Voltage XLPE Cables
  • Installation and Termination of all Streetlight Poles and Luminaires
  • Installation, Termination and testing of Switchgears and Transformers
  • All LV and HV Jointing and Terminations
  • Installation and Termination of Pillars and Uni Pillars
  • Cable Testing and VLF Testing

Other Case Studies