Western Power / Attadale North State Underground Power Project


With Western Power undergoing upgrades to the North Fremantle Substation, Mainswest was contracted to assist in the scope of open excavation and installation of 630mm 11 kV XLPE Cable, 240mm 11kV XLPE Cable and HD Conduit to allow Western Power to connect the existing network into the new switchroom.

Due to the age and location of the substation, the project required close liaison with Western Power to prevent damages to existing underground cabling, uncovering unknown existing services and the excavation and removal of contaminated soil.

During the project Mainswest had provided assistance to Western Power in testing, locating and civil works required for Western Power to complete repairs on existing damaged networks outside the substation.

Key Features

  • Open Excavation of Cable Trenches
  • Installation of 630mm 11kV XLPE cables from Switchroom to Transformers
  • Installation of Tri foil 240mm XLPE Cables from Switchroom to Cap Bank
  • Installation of 100mm HD Conduits
  • Backfilling, Tape and Compaction
  • Locate and Repair of Cable faults

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