Downers EDI / Curtin University RIngmain
2 & 3 HV Terminations


After installing all the high voltage cabling within the first stage of this university project we were fortunate to be invited back to site for Downer EDI to work as partners in finalising the 22kv / 11kv transfer substation project

Key Features

  • Mainswest carried out high voltage termination within the newly installed switchgear.  This was a well designed project, taking work areas into consideration by providing clearance beneath as well as within switchgear compartments to carryout task, this alone contributed to our zero harm policy maintaining good safety stats.
  • The three core cables construction, were broken down to trifurcation entering the switchgear as single cores providing and maintaining electrical clearances. 
  • Raychem termination kits were specified and used throughout the project.

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