EC & M / FMG Site T155 Port
Expansion Project


The FMG Site T155 Port Expansion Project was a project that delivered great opportunities of FMG along the Port Expansion in Port Hedland, which also delivered an awesome feat and a great opportunity for Mainswest which we are grateful to be invited by ECM to be a part of this project.

One major challenge that we were faced with, which was exciting to be part of, was the final cut over of the new 630mm single core cables to the existing live feeder cables. This consisted of 24 straight through joints to be carried out within the first of two 4 day shutdown periods. 

The shutdown took place where we spiked each of the existing cable sets (red White & Blue) as we worked through the 24 inline joint took place, diverting each set to a suitable location / position to be inline straight jointed.  Once completed all testing and commissioning took place by ECM where the plant was energised achieving power to 9 substations, a major milestone. 

We covered all scenario strictly covering tasks, work environment and risks ready for the shutdown. All Steps had to be taken to coincide with all procedure as well as maintaining our high priority value of zero harm and safety of the utmost importance for works to be carried out correctly managing all counts. This was achieved due to all work parties’ communicating together, with an outcome reached that was required to deliver this project.  

The procedure was then repeated at a later stage of the project for the next 24 inline joints.  

Key Features

  • Mainswest and its high voltage team mobilised to site, taking on board the 110 plus 22kv cable termination and straight joints ranging from various cables sizes from 120mm 3/core XLPE SWA to 630mm single core cables addressing switchgear, stop end boxes and transformer apparatus
  • 48 x 630mm CU – High Voltage Inline Straight Joints at 22kv – XLPE – Aluminium Armouring PVC Sheathed with White Ant Protection
  • Cable Spiked each of the existing cable sets

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